During the past ten years, the marketing has been putting forward a philosophy proper to our time: the FIDELIZATION.

Created to help you in your process of fidelization, Fidelium-net is a system of fidelization that works with a chip card for associations of businesses, networks of businesses and franchised businesses.

FIDELIUM-NET allows the business owner:

  • the management of the fidelization personalized for each client,
  • the fidelization of the business in relation with its activity,
  • the creation of a customer file for each sales point

Fidelium-net is not only a simple loyalty card, our system is based on technologies such as the chip card, a website...


  The fierce competition between the economic participants of the country makes the consumer loose importance. It is hard now a day to create a privileged relationship with the client even with a good quality service.

Why fidelize you client?

The activity of a business often depends on a little group of loyal client. Thus, it is important to get to know these privileged customers before recruiting new ones, with the objective of fidelizing them.

Pareto Principle:

  • 20% of the clients are responsible for
  • 80% of the turnover


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