Smartcard reader

Smart card reader

Each sales point has a smart card reader:

The easy use of the card and the fastness of the data processing were our primary objectives during the conception of Fidelium-net.

Being already used to manipulating banking tools, the business keepers become familiar to the use of the smart card reader right away.

Fidelium-net works with different types of EPT (electronic payment terminals), contact us for more information.

  Fidelium-net only needs one collection of information per day to update its database. This collection of information can be executed through an automated phone connection, or through an internet connection with an EPT under IP.

Terminals under IP

The terminals under IP present the same functioning characteristics as other terminals; the only difference is that the collection of its everyday transactions is done through an internet connection.

Advantage for the business owner: no more telecommunication cost!




Fidelium-net: System of fidelization with centralization and consultation of online information

The clients’ information is accessible through a website customized by the association of businesses (colors of the association …).

The site is like a portal with a secured access that requires a username and a password for each user.
On the website, each business can only access its own customer files while the association manages the fidelization solution as a whole: management of the businesses within the association and the clients, billing...

The information presented on the website is updated every day during the computer dump.

FREE consultation of the customer files

The information on the site is obtained without having to have contact with the other members of the association.

  The extraction of information is made possible by the multi criteria search tool available on the website in order to help create commercial operations: anniversary, mailing offers...

The simplicity of the navigation and an intuitive interface were our main priorities when this customer analysis tool was created..

The portal is also accessible to the card owners

The clients can also access their private space on the website using their own username and password.

They can consult the total number of points they have, see the different transactions they made at any of the businesses that has Fidelium-net, obtain information on these businesses...

The existence of this private space for the client increases his involvement in the fidelization process of the business owners.


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