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Created in 1992, DOING works on creating customized computer solutions (websites, intranet, web applications, 4D applications, loyalty cards, multi services cards...)

We want to come along with you during the creation of your website or application in order to answer precisely your needs.
Since it has been created, DOING has acquired a solid experience in developing websites and web applications (linked to databases) and is now implementing its own fidelization system that works with a chip card: Fidelium-net. This system has won many rewards and is spreading beyond out frontiers.

Fidelium-net was born in collaboration with the GIE Firm’Epargne (firminy,42)

In 1996, the GIE Firm’Epargne, historically immersed by the loyalty culture, wanted to give a new image to their group by replacing their paper loyalty card which had existed for 20 years.

  At first it was a system of fidelization by smart card with the registration of the card owners by Minitel and the centralization of the transactions realised with the loyalty card: Fidelium-net. The card owners accumulate points and then get discounts at any of the stores that have Fidelium-net.

In 2001, with the explosion of the internet, Fidelium-net has left the Minitel for a website that allows the complete management of the solution online and also the consultation of the customer files of a store by the business owner.

The online product Fidelium-net was born.

Fidelium-net keeps on developping itself and has spread beyond the frontier of Europe (Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte).

In 2010, Fidelium-net enlarges its competence by proposing a multi services card.


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